Important – these Terms & Conditions are for your benefit as well as ours. Please be sure to read them.

No dogs to be checked out from premises without full payment. (“The Proprietor”) is only willing to supply services under these trading terms or as amended by the Proprietor in writing.


1.1 Clients agree to be bound by these conditions when they (or someone authorised to represent them) book a dog in and pay.


2.1 These Conditions and the Booking Form regulate our dealings and will not be affected by any other agreements, negotiations or representations.

2.2 Any variations in these conditions must be accepted in writing by the Proprietor. Any variation entitles the Proprietor to increase the agreed price.

2.3 Any extension to an agreed stay is at the Proprietor’s discretion and will be on the same terms save as amended by the Proprietor.

2.4 Agreements incorporating these Conditions will be governed by English Law.


3.1 Unless the Booking Form indicates otherwise all prices represent the inclusive price. Dogs not collected at 08:00 hours will be charged for that day. Excluding Sun & Bank Holidays.


4.1 Any sums due hereunder which are not paid when the Proprietor receives your dog, will be payable on collection of the dog with no exceptions. The total price payable will be the sums stated by the Proprietor with any additions where applicable and payable pursuant to these conditions.

4.2 Credit Cards will be subject to additional charges of 3%.

4.3 If in the unlikely event a Client is late making payment the Client shall, without the need of the Proprietor to give notice, be liable to pay the Proprietor interest on the amount for the time being unpaid. Interest shall be calculated at 8% per annum above the base rate of Barclays Bank Plc calculated from the date payment is due until the date of payment. Any charges for collection of payment or any additional charges shall be added to the invoice total. For clients who have been trusted with an account or collection of the dog without payment, the full invoice shall be due within 24 hours and any clients who breach this trust shall be served with a notice to pay from the Small Claims Court without delay and exception on the 2nd day. No future privileges shall be allowed.

4.4 We do not provide delivery & collection services.

4.5 If you do not make provision for payment at the end of your dog’s stay, you will be in breach of contract and the Proprietor will refuse to release the dog until full payment is made and any extra boarding time accrued shall be added to the balance, with possible extra inconvenience charges.

4.6 Once a booking is made, a provisional place is held for that dog until full payment is made and vaccinations have been checked and authorised. If the client delays paying, then another booking by another client may reserve and pay for that kennel. Bookings may be cancelled at any time; however, any advance payment is non-refundable.

4.7 The Client accepts that should their dog damage anything whilst in kennels, they will be liable for the full replacement costs. This includes extra items in the Luxury Kennels. If your dog is likely to damage any items, then they must be booked into a suitable kennel.

4.8 Should a client have a History of Cancellation (HOC) they will be asked to make a full non-refundable payment before any booking is made.


5.1 The Proprietor will not accept liability for any damage or loss (whether arising in contract, tort or statutory duty including consequential loss) resulting from a delayed collection or delivery due to factors beyond the Proprietor’s control.

5.2 Delivery and collection will be during reception hours that being Monday to Friday 8-10 and 3-5 and Saturday 9-10. Arrivals or departures are accepted out of these times strictly by prior appointment only & extra charges may be applied.

5.3 Clients will deliver & collect the dog/s from the Proprietor as near to the agreed time as reasonably possible. Any delays in delivery or collection of the dog may incur additional charges. All delays in delivery and/or collection must be notified by telephone as soon as possible. Any delay in collection, for whatever period or reason, entitles the Proprietor to (i) return the dog(s) or (ii) if after 7 days collection still has not been made, the Proprietor may give the Client 7 days’ notice that she will rehome the dog. Unless payment is made as required the Proprietor will, at the end of such period invoice the owner for all costs incurred. Any dogs abandoned in the kennels (not collected) whether agreed or not, shall be invoiced at the current daily rate and any monies not recovered shall be recovered through the small claims court plus any other costs.

5.4.1 Should you be unable to collect your dog in person then a representative must bring proof of identity (single acceptable forms of ID would be a passport or driver’s license or 2 forms of ID such as Credit or Debit card or 2 household bills), a call from the owner that can be verified as the owner (i.e. we know you and can verify it is the owner) or a signed letter from the owner and payment before the dog will be handed over. Identification will be accepted or declined at the Proprietors discretion. Should this be the case please notify us in advance. The Proprietor reserves the right not to allow a dog to be collected by a person other than the owner of the dog.

5.5 When collecting your dog, full responsibility will be transferred when the dogs’ lead is handed back to the owner or a representative of the owner. When delivering your dog to the kennels responsibility to the kennels commences when the dog is placed in a kennel.

5.6 In the case of an owner making reference in any way what so ever to the dog being unwanted or available for rehoming, the Client may be asked to pay a bond of £500 when leaving the dog. This will be refunded when the dog is collected, and full payment is made.


6.1 A current vaccination certificate must be available, and your dog MUST BE vaccinated against Kennel Cough and be done so at least 21 days prior to coming into kennels. Your dog must also be vaccinated against:

Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis (CAV), Leptospirosis 2 or 4, Parainfluenza & Canine Parvovirus at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

If your dog is a known carrier of Kennel Cough or has brought to or contracted during a stay here, we reserve the right to refuse your business. Should any owner be unable to produce these documents then we will not admit the dog until such time as they are deemed fully immunized. The Proprietor now requires that your dog is dewormed and treated by a Veterinary Surgeon with regard to fleas, lice & ticks or any other condition likely to transfer to other dogs or humans. Should a dog be found to be infested, the Proprietor will without exception, treat the dog accordingly, and the owner shall be charged for treatment incurred and payable upon collection of dog. Dogs who show symptoms of any disease or infection which may potentially put any other dog at risk will require collection by the emergency contact or we will, without delay, take the dog to Park View vets / Vets Now and all associated charges will be recovered by us.

6.2 Conditions of insurance may be provided on request.

6.3 Any costs, fees and expenses incurred by the Proprietor as a result of illness, condition of a dog or anything else, will be payable in addition to boarding fees, by the Client on the collection of their dog(s).

6.4 The Proprietor may need to exercise its discretion in providing care for animals and is authorised to do so by the Client. This may include treatment and/or the instruction of veterinary treatment. The Client authorises the Proprietor to use a Veterinary Surgeon of the Proprietors choice. Where the client has NOT specifically stated, we will use our current vet or a vet of our choice. Where a veterinary call out may be necessary, the client authorises the proprietor to exercise their discretion and act appropriately taking into consideration the welfare of the dog and others concerned. Occasionally, the Proprietor will be alone at the kennels and a Vet may need to be called out. We will do our utmost to transport a dog to a Vets but this may not always be possible, so a Vet will be called out with the costs associated to this.

6.5 Medication will be administered at the Client’s request. An additional charge will be made but the Proprietor will accept no responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or illness. All medication instructions must be either handwritten or typed out on a separate sheet and handed in at check-in. We regret we do not allow dogs to board requiring injections, such as Insulin.

6.6 Any Client’s belongings left at the Proprietor’s premises are left at the Client’s risk. The Proprietor will exercise discretion where additional beds and toys may be chewed or eaten by the dog and any resulting illness or death will be at the owners’ risk.

6.7 The dog registered on the booking form is not susceptible to jumping fences over 4 feet high. If there are any risks, please inform us in writing and ask us to keep your dog on the lead. No responsibility or costs shall be incurred by the kennels for any dogs who may escape from our kennels.

6.8 The Client shall declare any known illness of the dog/s to the Proprietor and leaves the dog in the care of the Proprietor having fully declared any information concerning the dog/s health & welfare requirements. The dog is left in the care of the Proprietor with a clean health record and any risks what so ever must be declared on the Booking Form under ‘additional information’ and/or accompanied by a letter from your Veterinary Surgeon.

6.9 No dog shall be admitted without a collar and tag, however, our own ID tag may be fitted to a suitable collar as the Proprietor sees fit. It is recommended that if your dog is not already Micro Chipped, you book a Micro Chip for your dog while in the Proprietors care at an additional cost. Any collars removed by the owner accept that the collar will remain off the dog.

6.10 When booking 2 or more dogs into one kennel, the Client gives full authorisation for this. Should there be any risk housing more than one dog from the same family; an extra kennel should be booked.

6.11 The Proprietor MUST be informed prior to booking if your bitch is in or likely to be in season while at the kennels. While every effort will be made to accommodate bitches in season, accidents do happen and the Client authorises the Proprietor to act accordingly under the instruction of a Veterinary Surgeon with regard to termination of pregnancy. If this happens & we cannot contact you, you authorise us to instruct a Veterinary Surgeon to administer drugs or operate as necessary on the bitch to terminate any pregnancy. All costs incurred shall be payable upon collection of the dog. The Proprietor reserves the right to refuse a booking or to make a surcharge at their discretion.


7.1 Whilst all reasonable precautions will be taken to care for the Client’s dog/s, the Proprietor does not accept any liability for injury or loss to animals.

7.2 Where services are provided under a consumer transaction (as defined by the Consumer Transactions [Restriction on Statements] Order 1976) the statutory rights of the Client are not affected by these conditions.


8.1 The Proprietor will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by factors beyond its control. Should any such event occur the Proprietor reserves the right to cancel or suspend the contract with the Client without incurring any liability for any loss or damage thereby occasioned.

8.2 The Proprietor reserves the right to terminate the dogs’ stay if she feels that the dog is unpredictable or dangerous in any way or the proprietor feels that the dog/s health is in any way likely to affect the health of any other dog on the premises or that the dogs’ health or welfare is compromised in any way. This includes any contagious disease, contamination or infestation or otherwise (such as kennel cough, worms, fleas, lice or any condition at the Proprietors’ discretion etc) and may refuse that the dog returns. Please declare anything that may be of concern on the Booking Form. Dog/s will be admitted at the Proprietors discretion. In addition, for any other reason not covered above the Proprietor reserves the right to cancel either prior to or during a dogs’ stay for any reason without giving a reason.

9. Telephone calls

Call’s to Meg Heath Kennels are recorded for training, quality and legal reasons. Call recordings are kept for up to three months unless an incident is in progress and then this will be extended to three months past the conclusion of the incident. In the event of an incident or contentious information being expressed, the recording may be passed to a third party. Please note that by calling us, you are giving consent for this. Further details of how we process and deal with this information are available on request.

We reserve the right to change this document at any time. As of 01.07.18, these are our most up to date T&C’s.