Boarding Kennels, Lincoln

Best Boarding Kennels in Lincoln (2019), voted by Three Best Rated

We are a small boarding kennels in Lincolnshire near to Navenby, Metheringham & Bracebridge Heath just off the A15 at the B1202 junction to Metheringham, Lincolnshire. We have 6 kennels and a 1-acre paddock where your dog will be safely exercised. We opened in 2002 and started boarding in 2008. We were one of the first to be granted a 5-star rating in 2019 and were also spot-checked in February 2020. We are currently closed due to the Coronavirus and our future is uncertain, but we will be back alive and kicking should circumstances allow.


Standard kennel To be reviewed

Luxury Kennel To be reviewed

Minimum charges apply to weekends and bank holidays. Easter is 5 days and bank holidays 3 days.

Check-in / out

Monday to Friday 9-5. Saturday 9-12. Sunday closed except for checking out.

Vaccinations (reviewed)

All dogs must be fully vaccinated. Please check with your vet. We recommend Kennel Cough but no longer insist that it is done, however, we will not check a dog in that was vaccinated against kennel cough less than 21 days before the day of check-in. We will turn away any dogs that are not vaccinated and no refund will be given.


I have been running boarding kennels since 2002 and worked in boarding kennels as a child after leaving school. I have experience in dog rescue & dog training and have become well known in the area for kennel cleanliness and previously rescuing English Springer Spaniels.


Your dog will experience a similar walk to being at home as we have a 1-acre grassy paddock to the rear of the house where we walk your pet either on or off lead depending on your dogs’ requirements. The length of time depends on whether they are allowed off lead and can mix with other dogs. We do not isolate dogs on walks unless specifically requested by the owner, we find that a dog having fun on a walk in strange surroundings, means they will be happy to return.

Before checking in to boarding kennels

Checklist for a smooth check-in

  1. Always bring your vaccination card
  2. Always walk your dog before checking in
  3. Bring their own bedding & food
  4. Write down any instructions that accompany medications (this is charged extra for)
  5. Chat with me about anything you think I should know
  6. Never check a dog in who is not 100% well
  7. If your dog coughs, sneezes or has or had diarrhoea DO NOT check them in
  8. Always have a proper emergency contact who can collect your dog if the need should arise
  9. If holidaying in the UK, be prepared to come home if your dog is poorly or not settling


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These must be the best boarding kennels anywhere! Sarah understands dogs quite literally inside out, she has that amazing ability to make them feel relaxed and almost totally unstressed, she is quite frankly a goddess when it comes to understanding our faithful four-legged friends. Phil McDonald

We have used Meg Heath Kennels now for several years, we are more than happy with the quality of service and the standard of the kennels Sarah provides. The kennels are always spotlessly clean and you can bring your own dog beds, so it is more like home for our boys. We love seeing the videos and photos that Sarah takes the time to post on her website of our dogs when they stay with her, so we know they are happy and having a good time. The large field behind the property is perfect for exercising the dogs they have lots of freedom in a very safe environment. We would highly recommend Meg Heath Kennels. Julia Wildman

Meg Heath Kennels run by Sarah are very clean and surprisingly there are no smells of dogs. This kennel is very secure and Sarah runs these kennels to a very high degree of pride, with the dogs’ welfare and Security of the dogs being a major factor in the day to day running of activities. Every kennel is spotless no broken tiles anywhere, all glass panels are in tip-top condition. The outside grass area is kept cut and is very tidy. All surrounding fencing is of good quality and in good order of repair. The main kennel area is all undercover with a couple of VIP kennels home from home. No kennels can be viewed from the road as there are high hedges on 2 sides. Sarah and her team are very experienced in handling and looking after our and your family friends while away on holiday or business. Rest assured, you can trust Sarah and her devoted team to look after your dogs as if they were at home.
Would I recommend Meg Heath Kennels to you and my friends YES I would without question.
Will we use Meg Heath Kennels again YES.
Is Meg Heath Kennels of a high standard YES.
We drive past other kennels to get to Meg Heath Kennels.

John Goldthorpe

Our dog came from a rescue centre and had never been in kennels. He’s a very nervous dog who also has a long-term health condition. We were very impressed with Meg Heath kennels- the owner spent time chatting to us about our dog’s needs and when we left him we felt reassured that he was in good hands. Our dog enjoyed his stay and was calm and relaxed when we collected him. We will certainly be using the kennels again in the future. Rosie G

These kennels are amazing. They are run by the owner Sarah, she really is very experienced and she certainly understands dogs. She knows exactly what is needed to help them settle if they are worried and she will go out of her way to make sure they are happy. The kennels are immaculate, very plush and the dogs there do seem to enjoy their stay. There is also a large (about an acre) safe fenced in the exercise field. I can thoroughly recommend them. Wendy M