… wow, where do I start? What does a day in the life of me consist of? It’s pretty much an 8-8 day with some breaks in between, basically, kennels start at 0800. I mop out the luxury kennels then let out all what I call ‘walk 1’s’ which means the dogs who can mix nicely and be trusted to play out while I wash the yard and runs down. Once the yard and runs are spotless, I walk the dogs. During the time I’m washing down its a plate spinning exercise as dogs may need checking in or out, those kennels may need cleaning ready for new dogs etc.

Walking is another plate spinning exercise as I try to maximise time out for each dog, so all the walk 1’s get the most time out; they are playing while I wash down, then get walked by me too when I’ve finished cleaning down. Some then get put away and I get the walk 2’s out, which are just the next walk and also ones that can mix with some or all of walk 1’s, any walk 1’s that don’t mix with walk 2’s get put away. Then there are the walk 3’s, these are generally the ones that don’t mix and need lead walks; the ones with more individual walk requirements. Once walking is done we put everyone away and feed.

My dogs and all the kennel dogs now get fed and the sleeping areas get their initial clean of the day. At 10.00 3 days a week my kennel maid comes in, the kennels get their thorough clean (second clean of the day) and she then does all her jobs plus any extras including housework etc, even ironing! One day a week I have another lady in who cleans the kennels and does house jobs for me then helps with pm kennels.

At 11 on my days off I usually go out to take time out from the kennels, on my days at home I get to work on my other business sewing dog lead orders which takes me through till about 2-3 pm. During this time I’m also doing admin. That includes updating the website and Facebook, taking bookings, lead orders, checking peoples vaccination cards / preparing for dogs coming in, cleaning the house, washing beds, doing our washing, mopping floors, doing PAYE, accounts, any outdoor work such as mowing and any other bits that crop up such as on spec viewings and signing for deliveries.

By 3 pm I am ready to do afternoon kennels, so I spot clean the yard (pick up poops and mop wee’s), then start the walk routine again. Feeding again after walks is about 4.30 – 5.00 pm. If I haven’t had a kennel maid on that day, house floors need doing.

5 pm is the end of the day for any phone answering etc but admin continues, mainly because I enjoy doing my website etc and fiddling with new ideas etc. Today I’ve been adding new pages and posts including this one! At about 6.30-7.30 pm my dogs get their final walk of the day which is one lap of the field, just enough to do their toilets and then they go to their beds for the night. In the evening I prepare dinner for 7 pm or when Seb gets home.

I generally settle down for TV or watch TV in bed.

G’night 😉