I also have another business which I run alongside the kennels business – Meg Heath Dog Leads. The business started in June 2006, the idea actually came from going to Heckington Show that year. I saw a stall, the person there was selling dog leads & collars, I thought ‘I can do this and better!’ So I found an industrial machine, that I’ve actually still got and I set about designing the website. I chose Shopfactory to build it and I still use that now however I am hopefully having a new e-commerce site done in WordPress again by Newbury Web Design.

The business started slowly as the kennels were and still is my priority, I was happy just to pay the mortgage from it, but that changed. Now 9 years later I couldn’t really do without it. I always have orders waiting to be sewn, people call me to ask me to make leads for their dogs and ask questions about types of leads and their suitability.

My most popular line is the training lead aka long line. People use them for training recalls and giving dogs extra freedom when they are not allowed off the lead. I also designed the boot lead, exclusive to Meg Heath as we have the design rights on it, this ingenious idea secures your dog by the collar to an anchor point in the (front of your) boot. It is a short double-ended adjustable lead and it solves the problem of dogs jumping out of boots when you open the tailgate/rear doors. Simple but effective.

In the wake of the Manchester Dogs Home fire, I also designed (also with design rights) the Kennel Evacuation Lead (KEL) this is a multi-purpose lead whose main function was to tether dogs in an emergency outdoors to things like fences, weld mesh, trees and posts etc. They are given freely to rescues with care, usage and guidance notes. We don’t give many away although we have supported GSD Rescue South. All we ask for in return is a link from your website and a mention on Social Media.