Are you using boarding kennels this summer? I’ve put together a how to blog to make sure you know what to do and how best to do it.


All kennels require a dog to be fully vaccinated, but what does fully vaccinated mean and are all kennels the same?

NO! All kennels are not the same. Some kennels are stricter than others regarding vaccinations so make sure your dog is not only up to date, but that you are vaccinating within your kennels guidelines.

The kennel cough vaccination requirement is the most variable aspect when booking your dog in to boarding kennels. The variations are:

  • Kennel may have the KC vaccination as a requirement
  • Kennel may not have the KC vaccination as a requirement
  • For those that DO ask for the kennel cough vaccination to be given, the time it is given before check in varies. It may be 7, 10, 14 or for us, 21 days before you check in. This is a minimum, so for example, the kennel cough vaccination for us must be given MORE THAN 21 days before check in.

Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis 2 & 4 and Parvovirus

D – Distemper

H – Hepititis

P – Parvovirus

All of these require 3-yearly boosters.

L2 or L4 – Leptospirosis

Requires a yearly booster

L2 is not often seen now, L4 is now the most current Lepto vaccination.


People quite rightly respect their vets advice but there is a conflict. Customer asks for KC vac, vet gives KC vac…. All OK you might think? No one thinks to ask about the kennels policies. This happened to me last year. Vet gave a KC vac to a dog, customer checks in on day 14. I had to turn them away. As a small business owner, your business comes first, nothing can jeopardise your livelihood. Compromises and what I call ‘management decisions’ are used in cases where it might be for example 20 days, but rules and regs are there for a reason because when you starting bending the rules, no one knows where they stand.


Take your dogs personal items such as bedding, food and any treats and medications.

Write down or better, type out any medication instructions

Type out any important likes / dislikes and idiosyncrecies. Bearing in mind that a lot of these will be turned upside down due to being in a strange place.

Be sure to take your dogs vaccination card when you check in to any kennel and check the kennels policies or FAQ page.

Have you paid a deposit or paid in full for your kennel?

Have you viewed the kennel and seen where your dog will be staying?


Without going in to too much detail, you may or may not have heard snippets of information about the kennel cough infection.

It is correct that the vaccine does not cover every strain.

It is correct that your dog may still get kennel cough even though vaccinated.

What you may not know is that after being vaccinated your dog could display symptoms.

The KC virus is shed in to the environment for weeks after the vaccination.

Any kennel can have an outbreak.

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