Stair gates for dogs – I would like to draw peoples attention to the dangers of using stair gates for dogs who are prone to jumping them. This has happened to me twice in 15 years though so it’s not something that has happened often, however something similar happened to me when a dog jumped my stock fencing that had a top wire, the dog managed to get the top wire wrapped once around his back leg and was hanging there. I ran over to him and dog knows how, but managed to free him.

The 2 incidents with the stair gate happened once with a clients dog (they know about it) and once with our Maisie yesterday.

For those who cant imagine how a dog can get tangled on a stair gate, this is what happens – they jump the stair gate but somehow their leg gets trapped, they are still travelling forward obviously so their body carries on going forward and the leg gets left behind intertwined with the bars. On the 2 occasions this has happened to me, it required my intervention hoping to not get bitten (the dog is obviously in pain and may be thrashing out).

This got me thinking, how many people go out to work and leave their dogs and use stair gates to restrict access to certain rooms or the stairs? Granted the times this has happened to me, the dogs were trying to get to me, but if your dog wants to jump over a stair gate towards the door you left by to go out to the shops or to work, worse case scenario – if this happened – they would be hanging there all day and potentially with a broken leg, doesn’t bare thinking about does it?

My recommendation would be to chose wisely or have a stair gate made that doesn’t have gaps for little doggy legs to get trapped.

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