Who should the emergency contact be?

Your emergency contact needs to be a person who can get to the kennels within about 2 hours to take your pooch home. Some people put their own number but this is not suitable if you are abroad or quite a few hours away.

An example would be if your dog coughs and we think there is a fair chance it is kennel cough, s/he really needs to go home. Kennel cough is an air born virus and can be passed on clothing too, so for these reasons although we have an isolation kennel we think it is best that the dog goes home.

If, for example it is because your dog is suffering from extreme kennel anxiety then as soon as possible is a sensible option, but again if you are abroad this needs to be someone local.

If you do not have anyone who you can ask then it is sensible to ask a neighbour who will take your dog in the event he or she will need to go home, explain it is unlikely but a chance that is unpredictable and should be planned for.

I hope this clarifies the ’emergency contact’ and we hope that it should never need to be used but it is only sensible to have backup protocols in place in the unlikely event.  In 8 years I have sent 3 dogs home for different reasons.