Today I had an unfortunate conversation with a new customer at my boarding kennels. We were manually filling out a booking form as she does not have internet and we got to the question – “Is your dog microchipped?” Yes they were and she casually mentioned that they were registered to her old address still. So, me being me, I did what I believe to be the right thing I said “oh it’s important that you get that changed, do the dogs have collars and tags on?” “No”, she said, “my dogs don’t wear collars” <sighs>. Any way I said (as politely as I could), “what would happen if your dogs got out, no one would know who you are to return them?” She said “they wont get out of my garden”. So, I said “what if they did?” …. her answer shocked me as she was bordering on getting mad with me, she replied (snapped) words to the effect of “Ive had plenty of other things to do”. So I tactfully left it at that.

So after she had left the kennels, I felt like I’d said all the right things without being rude and that I’d covered all the important bits about dog ID and lack thereof and its’ consequences. So why did I feel like I’d somehow done the wrong thing? What makes it worse is this lady has NO INTERNET, she isn’t interested in it. So she wont be privy to any social media that could help a lost dog. Don’t get me wrong Im not knocking her for having no internet, crikey sometimes I wish I didn’t, but all the odds are stacked against her success of finding a lost dog.

Im glad I made her aware, she may even come back to me and say she’s changed the address and the dogs now have collars and tags on. Wonders do sometimes happen, I live in hope.

Please share this blog and even print it out and give it to someone you know who has dogs like the ones above whose owners also have no internet. Maybe you know someone who has dogs who has just moved house? Ask them if their registered address is correct? Give them some advice for theirs and their dogs sake.

~ Sarah