Reviews for Meg Heath Boarding Kennels

We have been using Meg Heath Kennels since 2011. It is clear from our visits, and the excitement our dog shows when she is dropped off, that Sarah is a very caring custodian. The facilities are clean and spacious, the dogs are well looked after and regularly given thorough and fun exercise, and her attention to detail is such that we are very happy to send our pet to Meg Heath for several stays a year. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
Guy and Sally Glaves (and Lola the Labrador!) – June 2017

We have been taking our dogs to Sarah for over 4 years now, and trust her completely with their care.  One of our dogs is very nervous of people, and Sarah has always dealt with this very well. The kennels are always spotless, and Sarah runs everything very efficiently, but always with the dog’s interests at heart. Bernice S – June 2017

We feel confident when leaving our dog with Sarah as its very clear how much she loves dogs.  The kennels is not overpopulated so we know that our boy gets to spend quality time outside with Sarah and the other dogs in the acre of secure land at the back.  Sarah is always flexible when we need to change bookings etc and is always accommodating.  Meg Heath is strict on vaccination requirements which is a good thing.  I wouldn’t want to take my dog anywhere else, I have total confidence in Sarah to know he is well looked after. Michelle C – June 2017

A big thank you to Sarah for looking after our dog. She gets spoilt rotten and comes back happy & healthy. We’ve used the kennels and home boarding and are very happy with both. The communication from Sarah is always quick, from the initial booking right through to photos whilst we’re away. We wouldn’t leave her with anyone else. She’s my dog’s second mummy.
Thanks, The Dodges –  June 2017
To be honest, I’m sooooo happy I found Meg Heath Kennels. I know Brownie is sorted and taken care of. He is not afraid or scared when I drop him off. I think it’s because he knows he is in a good and safe place.
I don’t feel bad, when I go on holiday as I did with the 1st kennel place I found when I first moved out here. (Don’t get me wrong I miss Brownie ) but I’m at ease every time I drop him off.
The place is big, not that a chihuahua needs lots of room and the people (aka Sarah) is amazing! She knows her stuff and you can tell she enjoys what she does and that’s really important especially when you are leaving your fur child in the care of someone else.
Anytime someone asks for a recommendation, I point them in the right direction. Karla V May 2017

I have been using Meg Heath Kennels since I moved to the area in 2011. My Mad Border Collie, Minnie loves going there and loves Sarah and her brood of dogs.
In fact, at times I think she would rather stay there than come home!! The kennels always look clean, the dogs are well walked and well looked after.
Sarah runs a professional service and Minnie wouldn’t go anywhere else. Linda S May 2017

From: Bob Carlyle <>
First Impressions: Modern and securely fenced environment in a rural location where security is given paramount consideration. The kennels are individually heated to ensure the best comfort and there is a separate large outdoor run and play area where they can be exercised on or off the lead. Sarah will come across as highly professional and will give you the confidence that your dogs will be sensitively and properly cared for. You feel your dogs are in safe hands and will be happy and content with Sarah who is knowledgeable, experienced and a genuine animal lover who will put your dog at ease straight away.
Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels are clean and generously sized and lack that ‘kennel smell’ that you often associate with other less maintained establishments. Sarah takes her responsibilities extremely seriously by ensuring that all animals boarded fully comply with the necessary health standards and is rigorous in their application.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our dogs love the kennels as they are pleased to see Sarah on arrival and are happy to go straight to their kennel.
On picking up our dogs on the first time we were surprised to find how happy they were with their tails wagging continuously at Sarah which is evidence of the time Sarah must have spent with them.
Previously we had a poor experience of the last kennel we used as our dogs often had that kennel smell and had lost their ‘barks’, no doubt from their constant barking from a likely lack of attention. However, when collecting our dogs from Sarah they were in fantastic condition and obviously very happy and kept running back towards the kennels when trying to get them in my car!!
Have already booked them in for several more stays this year
Overall satisfaction: There is no doubt Sarah provides the highest standards of dog care which I would rate as exceptional. You, and more importantly, your dogs are given the utmost care and consideration. The premises are of the highest standard and cleanliness and hygiene are superb. Every need is provided for with understanding and friendliness to make your dog’s stay a positive experience.
We are now assured that we can go away at any time without concern and as such would very highly recommend Meg Heath Kennels. – April 2017
From: David A <>
First Impressions: As a relatively small kennel, you feel as if you are leaving your dog at a friends house rather than a kennel. When we arrive, Lester cannot wait to get inside to see Sarah and all his mates!
Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels are always spotless. I have never seen anything to concern me at all.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Lester is always happy when he comes out on our arrival; tail wagging and lots of play bows! He is always tired when he gets home and sleeps for hours!
Overall satisfaction: We only use Meg Heath kennels for Lester, there is simply nowhere better. Lester loves it and, to be honest, we value his opinion!
Any other comments: I have never known anyone who cares more about dogs than Sarah, and you can see the love and trust that the dogs have for her in return.
From: Martin Bolton <>
First Impressions: The kennels are always clean and tidy and the dogs are happy, the first impression that really counts for me is Ollies. whenever I drop him off he is keen to go through the gate and he’s always pleased to see Sarah.
Cleanliness of kennels: Whenever I drop Ollie off or pick him up, all the kennels are clean and tidy and I am always made welcome to walk up through the kennels.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: On every occasion, Ollie has left the kennels happy and bright looking good, well-groomed and healthy.
Overall satisfaction: Never had anything but the best of service from Sarah and Meg Heath Kennels, whether the stays have been a short overnight or longer stay. if you want peace of mind while you’re away and a happy healthy dog when you get back then leave your dog with Sarah.
From: Mark S<>
First Impressions: We simply wouldn’t leave our Jimmy with anyone else!
Cleanliness of kennels: Immaculate
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Happy, well looked after and not stressed
Overall satisfaction: Very satisfied
Any other comments: Thank you, Sarah, for all of your kindness and patience!
From: Jean R <>
First Impressions: We feel very welcome but the dog always gets that extra special welcome.
Cleanliness of kennels: I have used Sarah’s kennels on several occasions now and they are always spotlessly clean as are the runs and the field that the dogs run in each day.
Thank you for all your hard work in keeping them this way I will not take Max anywhere else now.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Max is always happy with a waggy tail whenever we collect him.
Overall satisfaction: I will be using these kennels for many years to come as Max is always happy with Sarah.  We struggled to find a really good kennel but have not looked back since finding yours.
Thank you for always taking good care of Max.
I would recommend your kennels to anyone and know that each and every dog in your care is loved.
Any other comments: Thank you, Sarah, for always being the person you are with an extra special love of all dogs in your care, it is much appreciated and your kennels will never be bettered in our eyes.
From: Penny S<>
First Impressions: Always clean and welcoming.
Cleanliness of kennels: Very Clean
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Jack is happy to go in and always full of beans on coming home.
Overall satisfaction: Always happy to book my dog in for his three or four stays a year.
Any other comments: Sarah looks after Jack very well even though he is not good with other dogs. He is always excited on arrival, it truly is his holiday!
From: Rachel M <>
First Impressions: We were really impressed on our visit to Meg Heath Kennels and our little border terrier loved his stay there because it was just like home especially spending his time in the luxury kennel where he could sleep on the sofa.  Sarah is 100% devoted to the dogs and I would certainly recommend the kennels to anyone.  In fact, my mum has since booked her dog into Meg Heath Kennels and she is really fussy and she was more than happy with the service
Cleanliness of kennels: Excellent kennels and extremely clean and warm.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our little border was happy to see us and we could see straight away that he had been very content during his stay and well looked after.
Overall satisfaction: 100% satisfied.
From: Martin & Maunda L <>
Overall satisfaction: 
Any other comments: We have been boarding Team-Chi with Sarah now for over 2.5 years (11 times) and have nothing but great things to say about the service and professionalism shown to us and the true love and caring nature that Sarah shows to our little loved ones when we are away. Sarah has always been available to accommodate our hectic schedule or able to provide alternative arrangements in order to meet our needs going above and beyond the call of duty. Not only do we place our full trust in Sarah to meet the needs of our precious little ones but knowing that they are at Meg Heath Kennels allows us to enjoy our travels without any sort of worry allowing us to build fond family memories that we will look back on for the rest of our lives. If you are looking for a first-rate kennel with a dedicated and professional Owner with an array of skills and qualifications to meet your every needs, then Sarah is your choice. So get on the website, give her a call and go see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
Martin & Maunda
From: Barry H <>
First Impressions: The kennels are spotlessly clean, and the welcome always friendly.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Raki is always pleased to be home but she is quite happy going into and coming out of Meg Heath kennels.
In fact, I’m sure she would like a heated bulb over her bed at home.
Overall satisfaction: Excellent and highly recommended.
Any other comments: Raki is a rescue dog and suffered quite badly in her early life. She loves going into Meg Heath where she is obviously well looked after.
From: Karen R & Harry <>
First Impressions: Sarah was very welcoming and made a great fuss of Harry when we first arrived. We were shown his kennel, which was very clean but decided to change it to another kennel which was nearer to Sarah, as he is quite timid. There was no trouble at all in changing.
Cleanliness of kennels: Harry’s kennel was clean with his own heat lamp and sofa, and fresh water ready & waiting for him.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Harry was pleased to see us, but he was in no rush to get away. He was quite tired but had obviously been walked quite a bit.
Overall satisfaction: Very happy with leaving Harry with Sarah, and have already booked him in for two holidays in 2016.
Any other comments: Sarah obviously loves her dogs and her job. So pleased we found her.
From: Andy P <>
First Impressions: This is obviously a business that puts the needs of the dogs first and you can tell when you first arrive.  Sarah is passionate about the wellbeing of her guests and everything possible was done to ensure that the dropping off process was as painless as possible – we had no qualms about leaving our very nervous dog, Poppy, at Meg Heath kennels.
Cleanliness of kennels: We were impressed with the overall cleanliness of the kennels.  A lot of hard work must go into keeping it in the condition we always find it.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our dog is a very nervous rescue dog and she is always very happy to be picked up.  However, she looks fit and well and has not lost weight and always looks healthy.
Overall satisfaction: We are very satisfied with Meg Heath kennels.  We have tried other kennels and Poppy has come back a little underweight as she tends to stop eating.  Since ‘finding’ this place we have not gone anywhere else.  It is always going to be difficult to leave your dog anywhere if you know she just wants to be at home – but this place is as near to being at home for her that I think we could find.
From: Heather L <>
First Impressions: Nice quiet kennels as not too many dogs taken at one time. Large enclosed field at the back where the dogs can play and exercise. Very secure.
Cleanliness of kennels: All kennels very clean.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our dog always appears content and well kept when we go to collect her.
Overall satisfaction: We have been happy so far with the standard of care given to our dog and know that Sarah keeps a close eye on them all!
From: Charley Rimmer <>
First Impressions: I was a bit nervous about leaving Dave for the first time in kennels as he was accustomed to luxury having his own sofa at home.  Sarah was really helpful and gave us lots of assurances.
Cleanliness of kennels: Kennels are great – the option of having the luxury kennel suits us perfectly.  It makes us feel less guilty leaving Dave when we go on our holidays as he has his very own holiday with Sarah.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Dave is really happy when he sees us on collection – but that isn’t long-lived when he realises he has to leave.  He’d be quite happy to stay for longer I’m sure!
Overall satisfaction: Really satisfied with Sarah.  It’s a perfect boarding kennel and is so homely for the dogs.
From: Jane L <>
First Impressions: Sarah was very welcoming when we first went to view the kennels to take Barney (our dog) when we were going away. She explained about feeding, exercise and showed us the type of accommodation available. We were very impressed and decided that he would be well looked after.  She is also very strict about up to date health jabs etc which is good to know.
Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels were extremely clean  – no unpleasant smell and were well furnished, some the kennels had small settees and they were very roomy.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Barney was pleased to see us although on one occasion he was fast asleep when we got there – when he woke he was excited to see us.
Overall satisfaction: We have left Barney there for at least 5 times, sometimes for a week another time for a weekend. The first time he was taken there he was a bit unhappy – and Sarah’s boyfriend had sat with him to try to help him settle down – and Barney clearly likes Sarah as she always makes a fuss of him – she clearly loves dogs and knows them all by name.
Any other comments: We don’t like to leave him but we know that Sarah will take good care of him and he likes running about in the large field that is used for the dogs’ exercise.  Barney remembers Sarah when we arrive at the kennels and makes a fuss of her.  I would recommend the kennels as a friendly and safe place for a dog to stay.
From: Mark L <>
First Impressions: A good kennels with good security and space.
Cleanliness of kennels: very clean.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: My dog is always happy to arrive at the Meg Heath Kennels and always happy when he leaves.
Overall satisfaction: Very Satisfied with price and service
Any other comments: My dog loves coming here and loves to see Sarah the owner, and this gives me peace of mind when I’m away that he is happy and being looked after with the best of care you could wish for.