Name: Chris Sproson 04.09.17

First Impressions: The moment I met Sarah and saw the boarding kennels I was very impressed. Everything was well organised.

Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels were spotless. There was nothing that I could see that needed any improvements.

Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Archie was pleased to see me, and his first stay in kennels has had a positive effect on his demeanour. For the first time, he has had the opportunity to socialise with other dogs and this has calmed him down – Hooray!

Overall satisfaction: I am totally satisfied with Meg Heath Boarding Kennels and consider myself lucky to have found them. One can quickly see that Sarah, the Owner, is passionate about dogs and knows how they should be looked after. I will have no hesitation in taking Archie back to stay when our next trip comes up. I will be recommending the kennels to my friends.

Any other comments: My ONLY regret is that I didn’t find Sarah and her kennels 5 years ago !!!

31.08.17 John Goldsmith

First Impressions: On arrival at Meg Heath kennels you realise how organised Sarah the owner is. Spotless clean fresh and a surprising no dog smell. Kennel area is brilliant surrounded by high hedges from the road with open fields on 2 sides. Fantastic area for dogs if all shapes and sizes. There are kennels closer to my house but I gladly drive by to use Megheath kennels, I wouldn’t take our dogs anywhere else. While we are away it is nice to know that they are in safe hands that have lots of experience.

Cleanliness of kennels: Very very clean always spotless when we visit and NO broken tiles anywhere or cracked windows very high standard of maintenance throughout all grassed dog walking areas cut and tidy

Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: As they were when we left them but happy to see us

Overall satisfaction: 10/10 very satisfied with no regrets at all

Any other comments: Would I recommend these kennels to a friend YES
Shall we be returning again YES
Has Sarah and her team excelled in all fields within the boarding kennel business YES

From: tony.****
Subject: no sulking
Date: 11/06/2014 at 11:43 AM (GMT -8) from

Your name: Liz W
Overall first impressions: Sarah obviously loves dogs and we liked the fact that the exercise area was so large and secure.
Cleanliness of kennels: Kennels were very clean and no smell.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Ruby always sulked whenever we had been away even when staying with family but since she has been staying at Meg heath she never sulks.
Overall satisfaction: Ruby loves staying with Sarah. So we are extremely satisfied.
Any other comments: One time Ruby got a bladder infection and Sarah took her to the vets. You cannot ask for more.

From: P.somerville@*******.com
Subject: Meg Heath Kennels
Date: 06/25/2013 at 02:43 AM (GMT -8) from

Your name: Pete Somerville
Overall first impressions: A neat well-founded set of kennels that impress from the outset.
Cleanliness of kennels: Sarah is meticulous in the cleanliness and general hygiene arrangements of her kennels. I have managed a large Armed Services dog training establishment and I have never failed to be impressed by Sarah’s high standards.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: My English Springer Spaniel is a regular boarder and is always happy to see Sarah. When I collect Berry she is always in excellent condition and happy in herself. Most impressed.
Overall satisfaction: Fully satisfied with all the facilities and arrangements at the kennels. I have walked away from other kennels I was not satisfied with, but I am always content to leave Berry here.
Any other comments: Sarah is a very hard-working kennel owner, and she has my highest recommendation.

From: Stephen.scott*
Subject: Review
Date: 06/27/2013 at 10:16 AM (GMT -8) from

Your name: Steve & Lynn Scott
Overall first impressions: Would go a long way to find someone who cares as much as Sarah does.
Cleanliness of kennels: Second to none very clean.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Monty happy to see us very relaxed you could tell he had a very happy stay.
Overall satisfaction: have already booked monty in again so that speaks for its self.
Any other comments: would recommend and thank you, Sarah, we now know we can go away and not worry about monty. Thanks, Steve Lynn & Monty.

From: spange*****
Subject: Quality service
Date: 06/26/2013 at 11:01 AM (GMT -8) from

Your name: Angela Harrison
Overall first impressions: Great, the kennels were full but Sarah worked around my request and found room for my dogs. She also let me bring the dogs along to see their kennel as they’re nervous dogs. She then took the time to sit with them to calm their first arrival.
Cleanliness of kennels: I did not inspect the kennels but saw no reason to believe that they were anything but clean. Plus all the other dogs looked happy.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: My most nervous dog was quite shaken upon leaving as he hates the car but they were both right as rain afterwards.
Overall satisfaction: Very satisfied and will definitely take my dogs back.
Any other comments: Sarah is very welcoming and approachable. She took the time to discuss my dogs’ needs and keep me informed of they’re behaviour during their stay. The fact that they settled well having never been in kennels before makes me very happy with the service.

From: Louise*****
Subject: Review
Date: 12/15/2012 at 06:39 AM (GMT -8) from

Your name: Louise Hocking and Molly & Tilly
Overall first impressions: Excellent, from the moment you speak to Sarah on the telephone, you are safe in the knowledge that she will look after your dogs as if they were her own.
Cleanliness of kennels: Every time we’ve been they have been extremely clean and tidy.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Molly is a very timid springer spaniel but she very quickly settles down which she hasn’t done elsewhere. Tilly is a pointer and loves the company of the other dogs and they sleep for days when they leave from all the exercise.
Overall satisfaction: I won’t leave them anywhere else. Meg Heath is excellent.
Any other comments: I am often asked by friends on Facebook who looks after my dogs and always recommends Sarah.

From: eobu***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/13/2011 at 12:22 PM from

Your name: Liz Bullock & Lucky
Overall first impressions: Sarah put my mind at ease about taking our dog Lucky on holiday to Meg Heath Kennels straight away over the phone before our first visit. Her experience and knowledge put my mind immediately at ease. She also puts the health and wellbeing of all the dogs she cares for first.
Cleanliness of kennels: Great secure kennels which are always clean when we have dropped off & collected Lucky.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Lucky is an easily excitable dog and is happy to see his parents return, but also gives Sarah a cuddle before we leave.
Overall satisfaction: I have taken Lucky to Meg Heath Kennels on several occasions ranging from long weekends to 3 weeks at a time over the last year. My dog is not the best-behaved dog when in the presence of other dogs, which makes me a bit uneasy when leaving him at the kennel. However, since our first visit to Meg Heath we have been very reassured that Lucky is in most capable hands and we even hear tales of how he has socialized with some of Sarah’s dogs (with our permission) which I would not have believed if she hadn’t taken some pictures to prove it!! She genuinely cares for the dogs she looks after & we are so happy that we have finally found a kennel that Lucky is happy going to.
Any other comments: I would highly recommend Sarah to all my friends without hesitation. After trying out other kennels in the area, this one is miles apart due to the professionalism and experience that Sarah brings to Meg Heath Kennels. 🙂

From: matbu***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/07/2011 at 11:42 PM from

Your name: Matt Burdus
Overall first impressions: Sarah is always very professional, friendly, and quick to respond to enquiries.
Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels are always pristine … very clean and tidy.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: On arrival Poppy, generally spins excitedly in the boot of the car when she realises where she is, and always goes happily into her kennel. On collection, she sometimes seems a little disappointed to see me, as I have usually interrupted her playtime with other dogs 🙂 She always returns home very relaxed.
Overall satisfaction: I am completely satisfied. This is the only kennels I will use, and I have received brilliant service for the past 3 years.
Any other comments: Sarah is a very competent animal behaviourist and gives me absolute confidence that she always gives Poppy the right attention, and exercises the right dogs together. It is wonderful to arrive to collect your dog from kennels to see her happy running around the exercise field with other dogs.

From: jane@***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/07/2011 at 11:04 AM from

Your name: Jane Galloway and Bella
Overall first impressions: Excellent – Sarah has always been very professional and straightforward, at the same time being friendly and welcoming to us and Bella.
Cleanliness of kennels: Absolutely spotless.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Bella’s always happy and tired because of all the extra walks that she gets from Sarah compared to at home.
Overall satisfaction: Totally satisfied, I wouldn’t consider sending Bella anywhere else.
Any other comments: Bella always gets excited when we go to drop her off, so we know she’s happy to be there. I love it that Sarah now knows Bella well and considers her completely trustworthy and allows her to interact with the other dogs. In fact, completely trustworthy is exactly our opinion of Sarah too. Bella watches us go back to the car but she’s never interested enough to continue to watch us leave because she’s too busy playing with the other dogs.

From: dawson_***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/05/2011 at 02:47 AM from

Your name: Sue Dawson
Overall first impressions: Sarah is obviously a ‘dog person’ Her enthusiasm shines through and she is very friendly and knowledgeable.
Cleanliness of kennels: Very clean – obviously cleaned thoroughly and regularly.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Although not their favourite place to be, I know that they are as happy as they can be. I am relaxed in the knowledge that Sarah looks after them very well. Dogs are full of waggy tails and bright shiny coats and shiny eyes with wet noses!
Overall satisfaction: Top marks – I hate leaving my dogs but have no hesitation in leaving them with Sarah. I couldn’t be more happy with their care.
Any other comments: Thoroughly recommended. Go see for yourselves – you won’t go anywhere else after you’ve been here.

From: jane***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/02/2011 at 08:19 AM from

Your name: Jane Wattam
Overall first impressions: Nice clean kennels and Sarah is very welcoming.
Cleanliness of kennels: Kennels are obviously cleaned regularly and thoroughly.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Merlin is always happy to go to Meg Heath and greets Sarah with great gusto!
Overall satisfaction: Very happy with how Merlin is looked after when he is with Sarah and he is always very tired but happy when he comes home.
Any other comments: I would recommend Sarah to anyone.

From: lizthorn***
Subject: Review
Sent: 06/02/2011 at 05:11 AM from

Your name: Liz Thornhill
Overall first impressions:
My first impression was, how clean and bright the kennels looked and how welcoming Sarah was to Oscar and myself
Cleanliness of kennels:
The cleanliness is exceptional
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Happy, exactly the same as when we dropped him off
Overall satisfaction: Very satisfied I always feel very confident that Oscar will be well looked after by Sarah
Any other comments: Oscar has been to Meg Heath on numerous occasions and he always gets very excited when we arrive. He rushes into his kennel without a backwards glance. When we fetch him he is happy to see us. And he never has that horrible doggy smell, dogs get in other kennels. I have had dogs for 35 years and these are the best kennels, I have ever boarded one of my dogs in.

From: theshop***
Subject: Boarding My Dog – SBT
Sent: 06/01/2011 at 08:18 AM from

Your name: Paul Young
Overall first impressions: Our overall first impressions were ok.
Cleanliness of kennels: The kennels were spotless.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: After the second stay (as the first stay was a very short one). We boarded our Staffordshire Bull Terrier for a week. We asked Sarah if she would assist while she had him to mix with other dogs. He returned in a great frame of mind, calmer and was able to do things that he couldn’t do before!
Overall satisfaction: More than satisfied, I would consider Sarah’s attitude towards dogs in general as being first class.
Any other comments: Sarah has done a fantastic job with our Staffy while he boarded there and I would recommend anyone to Sarah and especially if their dog needed that special training or help, as I consider Sarah to be first class and a pleasure to know.

From: sue.***
Subject: Review
Sent: 05/31/2011 at 11:36 AM from

Your name: Sue Hall
Overall first impressions: Sarah was very friendly and helpful and was happy to show us around even though we just turned up unannounced
Cleanliness of kennels: the kennels are always clean and tidy and ready for our arrival
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Harry is always happy to go into his kennel, when we pick him up he is happy to see us and is always tired because of all the exercise and fun he has had while there
Overall satisfaction: I know that Harry is safe and well looked after during his stay, and I am more than satisfied
Any other comments: I love the fact that Harry gets regular exercise on a lovely safe field, and that he can mix and play with other dogs, which Harry loves

From: will***
Subject: Review
Sent: 05/31/2011 at 07:39 AM from

Your name: Kerry Simpson
Overall first impressions: Very friendly and professional
Cleanliness of kennels: Kennels were spotless and felt very comfortable leaving our dog for the 1st time.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our dog (Bob) was his usual happy self and was out having a walk when I arrived, Sarah gave him a shout and he came running in tail wagging, (very happy doggy)
Overall satisfaction: Very pleased and will be recommending the kennels.
Any other comments: We will use the kennels again.

From: dave@***
Subject: Review
Sent: 10/08/2010 at 12:34 PM from

Your name: Dave Moult
Overall first impressions: A well-presented business with a friendly and professional welcome for both dog and owner
Cleanliness of kennels: We called in unannounced for a look around. All the kennels were spotless
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Our dog “Marley” loves going to see Sarah he pulls to get in there and is always better behaved when he gets home. Meg Heath will always be our first choice of kennels.
Overall satisfaction: We are always happy to send Marley for a stay at Sarah’s. He is always happy to see Sarah and the other dogs. Sarah has sent us photos and videos of his time with her to put our minds at rest that he is having fun. He is always well looked after at Meg Heath.
Any other comments: A recommended kennels where your dog will be well cared for. You will be hard-pressed to find better.

From: ad***
Subject: Westie Review
Sent: 09/29/2010 at 07:56 AM from

Your name: Alan Cragg
Overall first impressions: A busy and businesslike kennel run by someone who loves her dogs.
Cleanliness of kennels: Always spotless and ready for Toby’s stay.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: He arrives into Sarah’s care willingly and happily and always seems a happy bear when we collect him.
Overall satisfaction: We are content Toby is well looked after while he is in Sarah’s care, she always reports back on how he has been during his stay. She knows her clients well.
Any other comments: Happy to recommend Meg Heath Kennels as long as we can still get Toby in!!! (Sarah’s comment – is that a bribe Alan? haha!)

From: Susannah Musick 23 Sep 2010

“We will be hard-pressed to find another kennel that meets the high expectations that you have set. Thank you very much for the care you’ve given Henry over the past 2 years. I’m always happy to give a recommendation for you.”

From: donna1***
Subject: The girl’s recent stay
Sent: 09/22/2010 at 09:52 AM from

Your name: Donna Armstrong
Overall first impressions: As always the kennels were spotless and tidy. I had asked Sarah if I could put a carpet down as my older girl slips around on tiled floors now she is getting older. Sarah said no need I have some and there it was ready and waiting in the kennel when we arrived.
Cleanliness of kennels: Spotless as usual, and everything has a place and is in it.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Dogs were obviously pleased to see us on their return but love Sarah and being with her.
Overall satisfaction: As always most satisfied with the girls stay with Sarah, and the beauty is that they never come out smelling like they have been in kennels.
Any other comments: My older girl has recently been diagnosed with AIHA, unfortunately, she is still trying to get over it but it is wait and see. She is on a huge amount of medication but upon approval from my vets, there was no reason for her not to go to kennels. Sarah was happy to give her her medication twice daily and as requested restricted her exercise due to her condition and made sure she was exercised on her own to reduce as many risks as possible. I had no reservations about Sarah looking after my girl as I know her knowledge and background with Springer’s is endless. That is the joy of the special and individual attention that Sarah will give. I find the set up very good too for our younger cocker who is a little more reserved and very much a mummy’s girl, it’s great for her to have these surroundings as it boosts her confidence without me around.

From: sum***
Subject: spikey
Sent: 09/22/2010 at 09:48 AM from

Your name: sue taylor
Overall first impressions: all the dogs are happy, with lots of waggy tails
Cleanliness of kennels: the kennels are spotless, Sarah takes great care of them. they also look very “homely”
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: my dogs are always pleased to see Sarah, and are always very happy when I collect them.
Overall satisfaction: I wouldn’t hesitate to leave any of my dogs with Sarah, I know they will be really well looked after.
Any other comments: Sarah really cares about the dogs she looks after, I have known her for a good few years, and she has kept many a dog when most people would have given up on it. I’m very picky about who I let look after my dogs, but trust Sarah implicitly with my little gang.

From: fram***
Subject: Review of kennels
Sent: 09/22/2010 at 08:05 AM from

Your name: Ian Johnson and Tull
Overall first impressions: Tull and I are always made welcome by Sarah. He started going last year when just a pup so has grown up with Sarah being part of his life. The kennels are well designed with plenty of space. Always smells nice and fresh, unlike other establishments.
Cleanliness of kennels: Spotlessly clean, comfortable, well maintained and fresh smelling.
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Pleased to see me but quiet for a few days. I’m sure he misses Sarah and his doggy chums.
Overall satisfaction: This is the best kennel I have used by far. The welfare of the dogs is always the top priority. I have no hesitation in giving Sarah and Meg Heath Kennel the highest recommendation.
Any other comments: Tull is always excited when we arrive and can’t wait to get out of the car. That to me speaks volumes. I can go away easy knowing Tull is in safe, competent and caring hands.

From: mike@***.com
Subject: 6-star kennels
Sent: 09/22/2010 at 06:51 AM from

Your name: Mike & Val Strawson
Overall first impressions: Warmth, friendly, knowledgeable and caring welcome. Well laid out, lots of space. Almost a “Hounds’ Hilton”! (Sarahs comment – almost ?!?!?! lol)

Cleanliness of kennels: Spotless and not smelly
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Clearly Oscar (2 yr old English Springer) was happy there and was obviously very fond of Sarah. No hang-ups at all.
Overall satisfaction: Total. Oscar loves being there and we will have no hesitation in taking him again
Any other comments: Sarah does not treat her boarders as any old dog. Each one is an individual, with his or her special likes and dislikes. Sarah gets to know them all as individuals. The welcome Oscar gives her every time he sees her is the best testimonial anyone could have. 5-star kennels – Sarah is the 6th.

From: jm***
Subject: Very Nice kennels
Sent: 03/09/2010

Your name: John Kennedy
Overall first impressions: Very nice
Cleanliness of kennels: Spotlessly clean and our three dogs didn’t come home smelling of kennels
Dogs demeanour upon leaving kennels: Glad to be home but were well looked after
Overall satisfaction: Although we do not normally need to use kennels, as normally family will look after them, this time we had a family wedding in IOM so son and daughter were with us. Would have no hesitation letting them stay with Sarah again.
Any other comments: We got our 6-year-old Springer, Danny, from Sarah when she ran LESSR and trusted her to look after him well along with our 18-week old cocker, Minnie and our daughter’s 5-year-old cocker, Jess. She didn’t let us down

“Ab Fab” Review by Kate_P- I have been using Meg Heath Kennels since they opened and have found Sarah to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and personable. The dogs are very well looked after when they are in the kennels and recently when I stupidly booked the wrong weeks for the dogs to be with her she went out of her way to help me and to rectify a potentially ruined holiday! I highly recommend this kennel.

Review by Mr P Moody – I have used Meg Heath for 3 years with no problems You will go a long way to find a more professionally run kennel where you can be sure your dog will be exercised (rather than told he will) and cared for by someone who knows dogs and how to handle them. The best I have found in the area within the last 20 years.

“Brilliant boarding kennels! Our dog’s home from home!” – review by samheaven

Our dog loves going to Meg Heath kennels! On his second visit, he knew his way around and bounded off without a backwards glance! He is really happy to be there and that gives us peace of mind! Sarah is lovely too and genuinely loves dogs…when first looking for kennels, the other ones I called were money-orientated whereas Sarah’s priority is always the dogs! Meg Heath kennels are our dog’s home from home and I cannot praise them and Sarah enough! Highly recommended!

“Meg Heath Kennels” – review by ecjum74

My two puppies were expertly cared for by Sarah at Meg Heath Kennels. They went in for residential training which included catering to my specific requests for the puppies and the work she put in with both of them was fantastic. She kept me up to date with their progress and even sent me a video link of their training in action. They were well looked after and I wouldn’t hesitate to book them in there again. When I collected the dogs Sarah gave me a report on their training which helped greatly. Service was superb from making the booking to collecting the dogs. Thank you very much.

“Meg Heath Kennels provides a professional, personal and caring service.” – review by Djhebb

We have just left our one-year-old puggle with Sarah for two weeks, having spoken to Sarah and been impressed by the excellent website showing lots of photos of the accommodation and happy dogs! Maisie came home from her stay relaxed, fit and clearly a happy dog. I had explained that she has been fearful of other dogs, but in Sarah’s capable hands she has socialised well and played happily with other dogs, which we were really pleased about. She has stayed in other kennels but we were particularly pleased with the very individual care here, and the efficiency of Sarah’s booking system and record-keeping, making it really easy to confirm bookings etc. by e-mail. Sarah clearly understands and is dedicated to the dogs in her care and we are planning to send Maisie for some residential training in the near future. We would certainly recommend these kennels.

“janetbailey99” – review by janetbailey99

We have used these kennels on several occasions and have always been extremely happy with the service and care for our two dogs.All fees are fully explained and the owner always makes sure you are receiving the best service. I would fully recommend these kennels and will continue using them for our two dogs, who are always well looked after there.

“A Place you can trust” – review by Jdog

I am very choosy about where I leave my dogs particularly as one of them does not kennel well. However I know that when I leave them with Sarah they will be safe, well looked after with controlled but sufficient exercise and my requests pertaining to their welfare will be respected. More than that, Sarah has gone the extra mile to accommodate their needs when she perceived a potential problem (putting down kennel matting in the outdoor run area to prevent foot abrasion in my collie) . I have and will continue to recommend Meg Heath Kennels.

“Excellent daycare service” – review by TBull1

Our 1-year-old springer x lab Henry has been boarding at Meg Heath Kennels for the last 4 weeks on a daycare basis, as I cannot leave him at home due to temporary work commitments. We were invited to inspect the kennels before booking him in and found them to be clean and safe, with a cosy inside kennel leading to a secure outside area for each dog. Sarah assessed the dog’s temperament for a few days and walked him alone before allowing him to run with the other dogs; she is clearly sensitive to the individual needs of each dog. Henry is always keen to go into the kennels and is always happily tired out at the end of each day from running around the large outdoor run with his new playmates! I am so happy to be able to leave him at Meg Heath whilst I’m at work, as I know that he is happy and safe and receiving an excellent standard of care. I would have no hesitation in recommending these kennels to any other dog owners.

“Meg Heath Kennels” – review by sanchamaggs

I am delighted to echo all the sentiments expressed by the other reviewers regarding Sarah Gleave and Meg Heath Kennels. Sarah is knowledgeable, professional, caring and has a deep understanding of dogs. The kennels are very clean and all the dogs seem very happy – they come home shattered from all the lovely walks and fresh air. We took our 16-year-old retriever there – he had never stayed in kennels before, and he settled in just fine. When he passed away last summer, Sarah was our first choice for training our new retriever pup. Training with Sarah is not for the faint-hearted. Her very high standards mean that she requires 100% commitment from the owners. In return, she provides you with invaluable advice and guidance (at any time!) I have recommended Sarah and Meg Heath Kennels to many others and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work Sarah – you are a true pro!

“Excellent service” – review by sxmusi

We’ve been very happy with the professionalism and service we’ve received from Sarah at Meg Heath Kennels. We rescued our cocker spaniel just over a year ago and were a bit anxious leaving him for the first time because he had some aggressive tendencies and insecurities with other dogs. Sarah was great in keeping in touch and letting us know he was doing well and getting along with the other dogs. We were really pleased to see this in person when we dropped him off for his 4th stay and saw him running around happily with a yard full of other dogs. It was a dream come true to see him interacting well with other dogs. Henry has even learned how to cock his leg like a proper male! He’s always knackered when we pick him up from all the fun he has with his walks with Sarah and playing with the other dogs. Sarah keeps the kennel very clean and maintains very high standards for the safety and health of the dogs. We highly recommend Meg Heath Kennels.

“First Class Kennels” – review by mcastledine

Our 14-year-old Jack Russell had his first stay at Meg Heath Kennels recently. Normally he gets very stressed in kennels. We have tried many over the years and he has often come home depressed, “out of sorts” and much thinner than when he went in. The previous time he went into kennels the stress triggered an attack of colitis. What a difference when I collected him from Meg Heath! For the first time ever when coming out of kennels, he was his normal, happy self! He was bright-eyed, energetic and best of all no colitis. Sarah is a remarkable lady and treats dogs as individuals. She listens to the owners/dogs requirements and does her best to carry them out and understands that each dog is different and needs different care. That is why she only takes a small number of boarders at a time. I felt I was leaving my dog in very capable hands. Sarah is well organised, caring and efficient and has a very deep understanding of dogs and takes the time and trouble to do everything she can to ensure the dogs have a happy stay. At long last, I have found kennels where my dog will get TLC and individual attention and I won’t have to worry about him. The quality of care at Meg Heath is even better than a luxury dog hotel we once tried. If only Sarah had opened kennels here years ago! It would have saved us so much stress, worry and upset. We even stopped going away for holidays because our dog just didn’t seem to cope very well with kennels. Now we will be able to go away a bit more often, knowing that Sarah will take care of him and make his stay as pleasant as she can! We have even booked another “Mini-break” only 3 weeks after his first stay which surely says it all! Very highly recommended.M Castledine

“Sassy and Tia Mears” – review by Sassychops

We were so pleased with the care our girls received whilst boarding at the kennels when we arrived to pick them up – you could see that they were happy and well looked after – we would not hesitate to recommend the kennels to others. Regards Amanda Mears

“Does what it says on the tin!!” – review by pbutton

Having bred dogs for several years we have come across many kennels in our time, but never one that was run like I would run a kennel – until we came across Sarah and Meg Heath. The moment I found the kennels on the internet I was struck by how friendly and informal everything seemed, whilst still being very professional, with the dogs best interest at heart. I had no hesitation in leaving our extremely ‘wimpy’ whippet with Sarah for 2 weeks, and although he had lost a small amount of weight whilst we were away, it was nothing compared to what he normally loses through fretting. Sarah immediately put us at ease with her down to earth nature, and I will certainly be leaving Bailey with her in the future.

“home from home for dogs” – review by amcrowe

Sarah runs a really friendly establishment where the dogs come first. Daisy sees the kennels as a second home and thrives when she is there. What especially impresses me is that Sarah really understands the dogs and they all respond well to her. Although there is an impression of informality the kennels are efficiently run: paperwork, vaccination checks, ability to pay by credit card are all signs of a professional set up. Oh yes, she also clips and provides training if required!

“Great Service” – review by lrcrafty

Falco enjoyed his stay here, Sarah was very helpful with all information provided regarding the training process of his stay. Sarah has done all she could in the short time Falco boarded/trained here to continue training I had already started. We are continuing to work together with this and would recommend Sarah and Meg Heath to anyone wishing to board or train their dogs. I will definitely be using in the future. Great work. Thanks.

“Very Happy Labrador and Owner” – review by Andream

My 1 year Labrador has boarded several times. He has been given amazing care every time. He loves to be there, can’t wait to get in!! On collection, he always looks very fit, well and happy. I never feel concerned with his care whilst he is there.

Dear Sarah,

I was going to email you anyway to thank you for looking after Rocko SO WELL! Sarah, you are brill! Rock has come home fitter and happier than when we brought him to you. I’ll be honest – over the last couple of weeks, there have been times when Rocko has acted differently to normal. Like not wanting to go on his morning walk but okay at lunchtime and evening, Plodding backwards and forwards from one room to another, for some length of time, occasionally looking at me blankly as if he doesn’t recognise me and not wagging his tail when I talked to him. and not responding to his name (I do speak loudly to him as he is a bit deaf). He also started going in the porch and barking for about 3 or 4 minutes at a time at nothing and he was doing that about half a dozen times a day. He suddenly started sleeping an awful lot more, than he had before. That’s why I wondered if he might be showing early signs of doggy dementia (did a bit of research on the Internet), BUT (wait for it!) he has come home and is his old normal self again like he was a few weeks ago before the changes in his behaviour started. He is so happy wagging his little tail again, acknowledging his name, much more alert, etc. Hopefully, he’ll be okay for his morning walk. Sarah, I think you’re a dog whisperer/healer – perhaps I’m speaking too soon and if it is something like dementia, symptoms may come and go but I don’t think dementia is like that – it’s more of a progressive deterioration, isn’t it? Maybe it was something else (a mild virus?) or perhaps it’s something here that caused it. Any ideas? I’ve always said you have the “magic touch” with dogs but this really is extraordinary. I feel another recommendation coming on! I am now wondering how many other doggie visitors to your kennels have experienced a similar improvement whether physical or mental. It’s intriguing.

I have so much admiration for you and the way you run your business and your brilliant way with dogs. Your kennels are very special and your doggie guests are so lucky to have you. Thank you so much for the kind and gentle way you look after Rocko. I know you give him lots of TLC. Your kennels have always looked good and have a calm, happy “feel” to them and they seem to get better every time I visit. I love the curtains! You know if you and your Mum are busy but need any other sewing doing, I would be happy to help and there would be no charge. I have loads of spare fabric because i make costumes which I could let you have for free – just a little way of saying “thank you”. I was thinking about you a lot on the way back to Waddington. What do you do if you are ill? Do you have any sort of back-up? If you ever need any help just ring me and I’ll come over. I could clean out the kennels walk and feed the dogs, etc. I’d do whatever needed doing and that is a sincere and genuine offer. It must be a huge responsibility if you don’t have anyone to help out when you’re ill or if you need to go somewhere.

Well, I had better sign off now. Rocko is sound asleep and he looks as if he has a smile on his face!