Be aware of the vaccinations your dog will need to come to Meg Heath Kennels

Each kennel you go to you will find a variation on vaccination rules. The core vaccinations that EVERY kennel should ask for are –

D – Distemper

H – Hepatitis

P – Parvovirus

Pi – Parainfluenza

L – Leptospirosis (L2 or L4)

Kennel Cough

Some kennels ask that your dog be vaccinated against kennel cough and some don’t. We DO. Whether a kennel requires this or not, there is something you should know.

After a dog is given the kennel cough vaccine, they can shed the virus into the environment, meaning other dogs that come in to contact with your dog are at risk. I have personally seen a dog cough 14 days after being given this vaccination, this is why our rules mean that 21 days must pass between vaccination and check in.

It is important to know that your dog is not fully immunised until 21 days have passed if it is either a first vaccination or after it has lapsed. If it is a booster then the immunity will continue.

I did a bit more research and found this page to be good

Noah Compendium

Indications for use.

Active immunisation of dogs against Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus for periods of increased risk to reduce clinical signs induced by B. bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus and to reduce shedding of canine parainfluenza virus. Onset of immunity: for B. bronchiseptica: 72 hours after vaccination;for canine parainfluenza virus: three weeks after vaccination.Duration of immunity: 1 year.

Vaccinated animals can spread the B. bronchiseptica vaccine strain for six weeks and the canine parainfluenza vaccine strain for a few days after vaccination.

Noah Compendium

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Vaccination rules are strict for a reason

We make no bones about being strict with vaccinations and will ask you to make alternative arrangements for your dogs’ care should your dog not be vaccinated properly. We didn’t win Best Boarding kennels in Lincolnshire 2019 for nothing! [3best rated 2019]

In 12 years I have had two incidents of kennel cough and sent 2 dogs home, both of which left the premises within 2 hours of the cough being heard – we did not mess about. This is why your ’emergency contact’ should be just that if we need to send your dog home.

Emergency contacts are just that, please don’t put your own details if you cannot get here within 2-3 hours of being notified.

Strict cleanliness

We believe that our strict hygiene procedures and good airflow through our small establishment mean that we have been able to keep the high standards we constantly aspire to. We have a deep clean procedure that involves a total wash down and thorough misting (spraying the air!) of the kennel block and associated concrete areas and that is done TWICE. Thankfully we have only had to do this twice in 12 years.

We appreciate your patience on this subject and can assure you that the clamp down on vaccination protocol is because we have been let down by some of our customers. Our standards were high before, now they are higher and ask that you bring your dogs vaccination card/s with you every time you check in.